Fifth Dimension Complimentary Report – Q2 2017

Despite somewhat uncertain times, 4,885 new multifamily homes were sold in the Second Quarter of 2017 making the mid-year total the second best since 2010. Sustained demand, along with another similar quarter of 3,000+ units sold is projected for the Third Quarter of 2017. Inventory levels remain an issue, and for the first time in the last few years, a sentiment of uncertainty is emerging in the industry largely related to the change in government. Despite this, prices are rapidly appreciating – as are absorptions. The multifamily development remains a “green light” rated opportunity in each and every market area within the Metro Vancouver.

We hope you find this comprehensive analysis of the Metropolitan Vancouver multifamily residential real estate market for the Second Quarter of 2017 informative and thought provoking. As always, feel free to share this report as widely as you see fit.

Download the Fifth Dimension here.